Beam T-shirt White | Hand-Painted

Hand-painted T-shirt. Unique and beautiful
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Handmade painting is a unique art form. By purchasing hand-painted clothes, you get closer and become part of the art. Each work is unique and made especially for you. Drawing for painting can be selected.

Materials used in the process do not cause allergies. T-shirts are made of natural cotton. The paint with which the work is brought to life does not burst and retains the brightness of the color over time. Purchased products are recommended to be washed by hand or in a washing machine at a temperature of 30-40°C. it is recommended to stroke the drawing through a cotton fabric or from the wrong side.

The pattern is applied to the fabric with a soap. Without the use of chemically hazardous substances.

The paint is applied to the fabric in several layers. Each layer is applied not by stamping, but by hand brush.

When the work is completed, the drawing is fixed with hot air.